DIY Projects to Consider that Refresh the Look of Your Home



DIY Projects to Consider That Refresh the Look of Your Home


Do you need to make some revamps around the house but aren’t sure where to start or what you can do? Whether you are looking for major or minor DIY projects, there are plenty of projects for every type of home​. Minor upgrades – like a picture ledge – or huge refreshes – like a new kitchen island – are all cool things you can do by yourself to give your place a new look. Mary, Tyler & More invites you to check out these DIY projects to upgrade and improve the look of your home.


Make a Picture Ledge


Crowding every bookshelf in your living room with family photos will make the house look more cluttered. Instead, consider making a ledge using some scrap wood to hold your collection of pictures. The best part of this project is that it costs just a few bucks and is incredibly easy to make.

Show the Walls Some Care


Whether a project went wrong or the dings around the house seem to stare you in the eyes, concealing wall flaws is an easy DIY project. With a putty knife and some surfacing blend, you can quickly repair nail holes and other wall imperfections. If your walls do not have blemishes but seem dull or need some attention, consider painting or papering them. Use a color that goes well with the room’s decor, or use a self-adhesive wallpaper with a bold design to create an accent.

Organize Your Home


Having an organized home not only keeps it tidier and looking fresh but also makes it easier to keep clean. If you haven’t been able to address the clutter for a while, consider this a great DIY project to revise your space. Organizing your home is about finding ways to make it more functional and easier to manage, which, in turn, helps homelife run a bit smoother.

Simply make a plan, and tackle each room one at a time from top to bottom. You can even use this checklist from Molly Maid to help you along.


Depending on the state of your clutter and disorganization, you may be overwhelmed at the prospect of putting everything in order. Or maybe you don’t have the time for such an undertaking. Whatever the case, connect with professionals from Mary, Tyler & More to add the hefty dose of organization your home needs.

Replace Your Kitchen Island


For an impactful update, you can swap out the surface of your kitchen island if it needs a refresh. With all the gorgeous looks of luxurious stone without the tiresome maintenance, most designs you find on the market today go well with traditional, contemporary, historical, and farmhouse styles alike.

Add a Window Box


A splendid living wall, window boxes have been a longtime preference for gardeners. Filled with a beautiful display of flowers or plants, they add charm to any exterior window. They can also give your windows a nice finish. Choose flowers or plants that add to your exterior’s aesthetic, and don’t be shy about adding pops of color. Remember, a window box can build the curb appeal element of your home as well.

Revamp Your Outdoor Space


If you have unused outdoor space, consider making a patio with some flagstone and cement pavers. Add decorative bushes, trees, or plants, and complete the area with outdoor furniture or potted plants. You can also address your landscaping to give it a refresh. From edging flower beds with brick or river rock to adding a water feature to building a pergola, there are plenty of DIY ways to up the look of your exterior.


For some people, landscaping can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t naturally have a green thumb or an eye for design. If you want to make a change but aren’t sure how,  connect with a local contractor who can understand your requirements and meet them. When looking for one, it’s best to browse their services online, read their reviews, and ask about their prices. You can also search for companies that offer deals and credits by using a search phrase like ‘best landscapers near me.’

In a Nutshell


DIY projects don’t need only to be big and costly – they can also be small and bring around significant change. You don’t need to include all these simple and also more complex projects – you can come up with your own. Just make sure you enjoy the process and the result.


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