Let’s Get Organized in 2021!

It’s 2021…finally!  Let’s celebrate by getting organized!

So, did those words, “getting organized,”make you cringe??

I would venture to say that those words make most people feel anxious and stressed. Why is that? Lots of reasons not to get organized come to mind:

  • It’s overwhelming.
  • It’s hard deciding what to let go of.
  • It’s hard knowing where to begin.

Although, those are just a few reasons why we dread the act of getting organized. Most people are paralyzed with fear at the mere thought of letting go of their possessions because with these possessions comes emotional, physical or financial attachment. We are tied to our belongings because someone gave them to us, they were handed down to us or we bought them for ourselves and purposely brought them into our home. Fear and guilt then sets in, which prohibits us from even getting started, so we just don’t do anything. These alone are not reasons to keep everything that has made its way into our home.

Our homes are supposed to be places where we can practice our best self-care (think relaxing, sleeping, eating well, etc.). But, more often than not, our homes become storage units for not only our stuff, but other people’s. If we remember that everything we own  has to be maintained, cleaned, stored, repaired or otherwise taken care of in some form or fashion, it will help us to stop and think if we really need a particular item. In keeping everything that we possess, we are causing ourselves needless stress.

Wouldn’t having less stress in your life be worth the time and effort it takes to go through your things and properly decide what you really need, use, love and honor? Our possessions are meant to give us joy, not weigh us down (literally and figuratively). Having too much of anything or hanging onto items “just because” is taking away the joy that you could experience by only keeping the items you truly love, honor and cherish.

It’s not as hard as you think it will be. Just start small, with one drawer, one closet or one area.  Hold each item (if it’s not too heavy) and ask yourself a few questions…Do I need this? Do/will I use it? Do I love it (or even like it)? Do I wear it? Can I give this item the honor it deserves?  If the answer is no, the time has come to let it go. Bless the item and let it go to a new home. The item, and your home, will thank you!

Happy Organizing!!!