Home Organization

Which statement best describes you?

• I can’t cook in my kitchen because I can’t find the proper utensils or cookware.
• I don’t pay my bills on time because my paperwork is so unorganized.
• I can’t find anything in my closet, so I keep buying more.
• I can’t park in my garage because there is no room.
• I don’t even know what is in my basement or attic.

If any of those statements describe your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you paralyzed at the very thought of getting organized?  Are you afraid of letting go of certain things? Never fear. The professional organizing team at Mary, Tyler & More is here to help you confidently decide what things to keep and what things need to find another home. We will work beside you or independently, whichever way you choose. Either way, you will soon start to feel lighter and even relieved, once the stress of  all the clutter is lifted off your shoulders.

The goal of this process is to keep only the things you truly use, need, love and honor (with maybe some “wants” thrown in). By keeping only what is serving your life today, you will able to keep the past in your heart and the future in your line of sight. Only then will you be able to experience true freedom of not being held hostage by your possessions. Being at home will no longer be a source of stress and chaos. Instead, home will be a place of calm, peace and productivity. Get ready to see your home in a new light and be able to walk, not stumble, into each and every room in your home!  

We are experts at these home organizing services:

• Declutter & organize any room in your home

• Designate Items to be sold, donated, recycled or thrown away

• Assist with garage/estate sale (organizing, pricing, staging)

• Arrange for donations pick-up and/or junk hauling services

• Clean out entire home (i.e. after a death or having left home for medical reasons)

• Pack or unpack for/from a move (click here for more information)