Moving/ Downsizing Services

are you having these thoughts about your upcoming move?

• I don’t have time to pack or unpack.

• I don’t know where to begin.

• I don’t know how to systematically pack.

• I don’t know who to call for help.

• I don’t know what packing supplies I will need.

• I don’t know where to put everything in my new home.

There are times when even organized people can really benefit from hiring a professional organizer. Moving and downsizing is one of those times. Moving is one of life’s most stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming events. If done by experts, it can be done in a systematic method, making it easier and more cost-effective on both sides of the move.

The professional organizing team at Mary, Tyler & More can assist anyone who is moving to or from Atlanta.  Having moving assistance is especially beneficial for seniors and families of seniors who are looking to downsize into a senior facility or smaller home.

Moving is a process, so taking the right steps early on can ensure a smooth, successful move. Why put yourself through more stress than you have to?  Call the professional organizers at Mary, Tyler & More today to make your move a breeze!

Our pre-move services include:

• Create a plan for an efficient and economical move

• Ensure that adequate packing supplies are on hand

• Declutter possessions prior to move

• Pack and label all boxes to be moved

• Assist with determining what gets moved into your new home

• Sort the items to be sold, donated, recycled or thrown away

• Wait for moving company or other contractors

• Schedule junk hauler, donation service, etc.

• Arrange for storage unit or pod, if needed

Our post-move services include:

• Unpack all items and ensure everything is in its proper location

• Install shelf liner where appropriate

• Get new home live-in ready

• Arrange for removal of boxes and leftover packing material.