Personal Assistant Services

Do any of these statements describe your life?

• I have a demanding career that leaves little time for personal errands.

• I have so much to do,  and I need more time for fun and relaxation.

• I have a contractor coming to my home, but can’t take off work to meet them.

• I have an aging parent that could use some regular assistance with daily tasks.

• I have just had a medical procedure and need some help with errands.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a busy executive or have an aging parent, carving out the time to get it all done just seems impossible. Think what peace of mind it would be knowing everything on your to-do list has been taken care of.

Having a trusted, reliable Personal Assistant on your family team is the answer to your time-crunched life. Mary Snelson Dodd, of Mary, Tyler & More, to the rescue! Now is the time to get back the most precious commodity in your life, your time!

Our Personal Assistant Services Include:

Run household and personal errands

Schedule household maintenance/repair

Wait for contractors coming to your home

Ship packages and returns

• Pick up/drop off dry cleaning

Assist with laundry (wash, fold, put away)

• Prepare light meals

Pick up mail/newspapers, water plants (vacation assistance)