Spruce Up Your Rented Home Based on Your Situation

Consider Making Versatile Changes 

Let’s say you currently work from home, and setting up an entire office is impossible. Think about installing a fold-down wall desk that drops down when you need it and folds up against the wall when not in use. Various styles are available to fit the decor of the room. You can even make your own if you’re a crafty person or enjoy woodwork. 

Use Storage Solutions Wisely 

Rather than stuff every nook and cranny of your Marietta rented home, start finding smart storage solutions. For instance, if your kids have lots of Legos or other toys, consider hanging storage containers to separate them based on their type. This encourages neatness and increases floor space. Instead of piling all your children’s outdoor toys in the basement, purchase a large outdoor storage bin to conveniently and safely store them outside and free up space. 

Finding a New Home

After careful deliberation, you may find your current rented home doesn’t meet your needs, especially in terms of size. Moving because a house is too small ranks as one of the top reasons people relocate.  

Before looking for a new living space, create a list of exactly what you’re looking for, so you’re more likely to stay focused and remain within budget. For example, if you’re looking for a home suitable for work, you may want an office or a spare room that can easily be converted into a workspace.  

If you plan on buying a new home, make sure you research the market in Marietta or wherever your target market is. This helps you get an idea of how much you need to spend to get what you want. 

Turn Your Marietta Rented Home into Your Dream Living Space 

You can create your dream living space by redecorating a bit, especially if you consider creative storage solutions. Visit Mary, Tyler, and More for further assistance with your home organization or moving.