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About Us

Tyler and Mary Dodd are a married couple from Marietta, GA, who, after tying-the-knot in 2015, joined forces with their respective businesses to form Mary, Tyler & More, LLC.

Mary Snelson Dodd is an Atlanta, GA native who has a passion for improving her client’s lives. After many years in the corporate world (in Executive Assistant and Property Manager roles), she decided to venture out on her own to form Along Came Mary. She started the business in 2005, with the goal of helping people see how being organized and getting rid of clutter can greatly improve the quality of their life. Mary also saves her clients valuable time by providing Personal Assistant services such as errand running and home wait services.  She is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where she majored in Public Relations.

Tyler Dodd, also an Atlanta, GA native, learned the majority of his never-ending list of skills while co-owning and managing a marina/resort in Kentucky with several rental cabins. He says he “learned more than he ever thought he needed to know about plumbing and electrical”, while operating the marina. Now, he is parlaying everything he has learned into Tyler’s Toolbox, which he formed in 2014. He began installing appliances full-time in 2014. Tyler is also a University of Georgia graduate, with a B.S. degree in Industrial Psychology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and be a resource for whatever our clients may need at their home.  We love being able to help you however we can!